Trying To Move On

from by Izzy and the Chimera

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There’s a girl I know who said
She always wakes up feeling worthless
Like she’s got no way to heal
Or that she might never get through this

I can definitely commiserate
And empathize my friend
We can be sisters in anxiety
Together til the end

Because I've been there before
And I'm still there today and I'll still be there tomorrow
With no coping mechanism
Except to wallow in my sorrow

You tell me that I'm wrong
You tell me that this too will pass
Well it's hard to be excited for the future
When the present won't stop kicking your ass

But I’ve realized some things about myself
That I could probably work on
So I beg you please believe me when I tell you that I’m trying
Yes I’m trying to move on

And it doesn’t matter who she is
It’s allegorical you see
Cuz someday that girl might be you
And today that girl’s probably me

And so I write words of encouragement
And put them in my songs
So when I have a shitty day
I can play them and sing along

And remember how far I’ve come
From where I was a year ago
And life still sucks some of the time
But it’s getting easier to let it go

You tell me that I’m wrong
When I tell you that this too will pass
I know it’s hard to be excited for the future
When the present won’t stop kicking your ass

But everyone’s got things about themself
That they could probably work on
And so know that I’ll believe you when you tell me that you’re trying
Yes you’re trying to move on


from I Won't Run, released March 23, 2017



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Izzy and the Chimera Portland, Oregon

DIY folk-pop made by a disabled Jewish nonbinary trans girl in Portland, Oregon.

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