(In​)​visible Girl

by Izzy and the Chimera

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I wrote this song on the Trans Day of Visibility cuz I was having a lot of feelings about it and I process my emotions by writing songs and so y'all get this weird little single to listen to while I work on bigger projects. I hope you enjoy it.


I'm sorry for the space I take up
I promise that I know my place
I'll be here when you need me and

Invisible for the rest of the time
But it's difficult because
I'm such a disgusting disgrace

Oh and I wish you wouldn't look at me that way
I can't help the way I look
Can't help the way I was made

But I wish that I was smaller
Less of a fucking eyesore
Then maybe I could finally be

An invisible girl

But you know what?

Fuck that fuck everything that I said before
I won't be your fucking doormat
Get the fuck out of my face

I'm never gonna be invisible so why even fucking try
I'll just stand out even more
I'm gonna die anyway who cares

If it's a transphobe with a gun or old age that ends my life
It's either random chaos or God's grand design
And I've stopped giving a shit

So if today's my last day on this Earth I'll go out in fucking style
Naked wrapped up in a pride flag
With a smile on my face

A visible girl


released April 1, 2016
Recorded at The Aerie House in Portland, Oregon on April 1st, 2016
Lyrics, vocals, guitar, recording, and album art by Izzy Unger-Weiss



all rights reserved


Izzy and the Chimera Portland, Oregon

DIY folk-pop made by a disabled Jewish nonbinary trans girl in Portland, Oregon.

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